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UPGRADE: Scenario Duplication

Software isn't always about the flashy updates. They're fun to code and implement, but sometimes it's the more mundane core functionality changes that make the big differences to the user experience.

This week we launched a couple of new features that I think are going to see a lot of use: Scenario Duplication You can now duplicate an entire scenario by clicking the "Duplicate Scenario" button (takes about 0.7 ms). This will copy an existing scenario *almost* verbatim, with the sole difference being the version (we add a small note so you can identify the original scenario). Scenario Versioning This allows you to add versioning to a scenario without changing the name of the client. You can add a date, a month or just a description of the version, which will help differentiate that scenario later. These changes are prepping for some larger changes coming early 2022 which will change how scenarios are grouped.

Stay tuned

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