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UPGRADE: "Investment Not Available" Alert

How many hours a day do you think ProductRex spends answering support tickets for our 1,600+ users?

10? 20? 50?

On average, just under 2.

We don't discourage support tickets, in fact I actively tell people to just ask if they have a question and our average support resolution time is under 24 hours.

But with every question or issue that comes through, I ask myself the question:

"How can I never answer this again?"

This continuous feedback loop helps drive development, provides a far better user experience, and massively reduces the workload for us to support our users.

Case in point today - the #1 type of support ticket we received was about investments that were showing as "not available on platform".

There are many reasons for this, from private investment menu options, to platforms hiding their menus behind logins, and the fact that PDFs are somewhat difficult to parse.

But I did not want our users to be forced to contact us to ask about it.

So we have some cool functionality that allows them to handle it entirely themselves.

They don't need to lodge a support ticket, and we don't need to answer it. A win/win.

Check it out in the video below

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