• Nick Topham

NEW: Managed Account Partner Program

Before I started ProductRex I put together a list of things that advisers hated about their research systems.

A lot of it was pretty standard. Speed. Accuracy. Quality of output. Ease of use. Low hanging fruit for ProductRex.

But one thing consistently came up as a source of frustration for advisers..

Managed account data.

So today we're launching the ProductRex Managed Account Partner Program!

Basically, we give managed account providers the option to adhere to a very basic regular reporting structure, as well as submit data in a standardised way.

This ensures our users always have access to high quality data, and in return the managed account providers get a beautiful verified "tick" next to their products within ProductRex, letting our users know who is serious about supporting them.

Want your favourite managed account provider to participate? Tag them here

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