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NEW FEATURE: Platform Ratings

Exciting new functionality available today with an Australian first for ProductRex.



I ran a survey, asking advisers if they include their own professional experience with platforms as part of their basis for advice.

Shockingly, less than 50% of respondents did.

I looked further - why?

Mostly, it was lack of confidence in those professional judgements, which is unfortunate, especially when it is actually enshrined in the code of ethics.

So I thought, how can we better support adviser's judgements, without it being too cumbersome and onerous on our users?



ProductRex users can now rate specific areas of platforms based on their own experience.

Star ratings can be applied on a platform-by-platform basis, which can then be used to document and support your true basis for advice. Price isn't everything!

For too long advisers have been relying on spurious "features and benefits", which are simply NOT relevant to the case at hand.

No longer. It's time to provide specific, relevant reasons for advice when price isn't the main concern.



Another big gap we found was that advisers simply didn't have extensive experience with ALL platforms.

How could ProductRex provide them some level of feedback on a product they'd never really interacted with?

So, in addition to your own ratings, you can access Peer Ratings - averaged ratings from other similar users of ProductRex.

Never dealt with a product before? No problem, check out what other advisers have experienced, and use that feedback to guide your research into the suitability of that product.



This is available now for all ProductRex users.

Check out the video below.

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