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NEW Feature: Clients and Families

Big update today!

The first major structural update to ProductRex since we launched 2 years ago.

The concept of "Scenarios" in Px was always pretty loose. It could be a scenario for a single person, a couple, or something else. Whatever you wanted really. And that was fine. I've always preferred to let our users run their own race than pigeonhole functionality.

But I realised that in order to implement some of the larger enhancements coming later this year, there needed to be an option to better structure your scenarios.

So now we have both Clients and Families.

Clients own your Scenarios

Families own your Clients.

It's a much easier way to sort out your scenarios, especially as they start to build up over time, and you have multiple scenarios for individuals.

Don't want to use the new functions? You don't have to! But it is in your best interest.

Check out the video below

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