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NEW: Addition to ProductRex Report

Earlier this week we implemented some changes to the report output you get from ProductRex (the document you get when you click the big green "Get ProductRex" button).

The biggest change is a brand new "Reasons for Product Recommendations" section, directly under the Product Recommendations table.

This new section will include the key reasons you recommended a particular platform, and feeds entirely from our new(ish) "Rate Platform" functionality. It's a great way to enhance the basis for your advice, and requires no reworking, provided you've rated the platform that is being recommended.

In order for this section to appear, you must rate at least one aspect of the platform you are recommending. It's super easy and takes very little time.

If you have no idea how our platform rating system works or want a refresher, check out the video below. It's really easy to complete and incorporate into your advice, and will dramatically improve the "soft" reasons behind your advice.

Platform ratings are a key development focus for the next few months and many new pieces of functionality will incorporate them.

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