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ENHANCEMENT: Bulk Compare Platform Fees

After we released our bulk actions functionality a couple of weeks ago I got a message.

"Nick", says they, "I want to be able to import a big list of clients on [PLATFORM A] and find out if it's worth switching them to [PLATFORM B], but I don't want to have to sort through each scenario individually"

"Well", says I, "Let's do that then."

So here it is - a great new enhancement to our bulk action functionality that allows you to see the fees before and after the change, without having to actually create the scenario or look through it!

Want to see if it's cheaper to move some clients elsewhere? ✅

Bought a book and want to rationalise the platforms they are in? ✅

Just interested to see if there are cheaper options for a group of clients? ✅

This functionality is available right now for all ProductRex users.

p.s. For all those who messaged me about a bulk "Switch to SMA" option, it's coming 😎

What do you want to see in Bulk Imports? Tell me in the LinkedIn comments

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